The first two presidential elections that I paid attention to were in 2008 and 2012.  Any Republican could relate to my disappointment at how these elections turned out with Barack Obama winning two terms, yet I was at the same time also very apathetic to the results.  When the other options in both elections were John McCain and Mitt Romney, it is kind of hard not to be.  Even with my knowledge of politics being nonexistent compared to where it is today, I knew that the aforementioned Republican nominees were only marginal improvements over Obama.  They were both insincere career-politicians with very little substance to their policy goals and campaign promises who were both fairly unlikable and totally uncharismatic.  The question had to be asked if much really would have changed if either of these two men had been elected and the honest answer is, of course, no.  They were both cut from the same cloth as the likes of George W. Bush who had 8 years in the Oval Office and the country was arguably worse off for it: engaged in endless, countless foreign wars in the Middle East with no definitive end goal; rising national debt; financial crisis of 2008; continued, accelerating cultural decline; the middle and working classes becoming poorer; etc.  How could I not be apathetic to politics when I saw the country that I loved floating towards a waterfall while both political parties seemed, despite an outward opposition to each other, to be working towards the same goal of pushing it over the edge.  It seemed destined to happen.  After all, how could the same corrupt politicians who were destroying the principles and rights that America was founded on be counted on to suddenly reverse course and undo the damage they themselves did?  It would be folly to believe that such a thing could happen.  An object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an outside force and it seemed hopeless that such a force would arise to stop the political establishment of either party in DC from achieving their depressing goals…

Then, in 2015, one Donald J. Trump came hurtling onto the scene complete with the necessary chaotic outsider energy to be THAT force.  Like many, I initially kept expecting him to slow down but he stormed his way to the GOP nomination for POTUS.  Unlike many, once he secured the nomination, I had a gut feeling he would win.  The energy he brought and the hope he provided to the forgotten men and women of America would not be defeated, and he smashed the Clinton dynasty on that fateful night of November 8, 2016.  It was a night that provided an exhilarating rejuvenation for millions of Americans that longed for a better tomorrow for themselves and the country‚Ķ

Now, here I sit writing this in 2021, more than four years later.  Trump is no longer in office after a heartbreaking loss in a heavily contested (to put it nicely) election and that hope that the 2016 election win provided seems to have faded.  The Empire has struck back and the establishment has seemed to have won once again.  But, on the contrary, the movement Trump started has just only begun.  Some conservatives blame him for the dire situation our country is facing, once more being on the edge of apparent combustion from within caused from a radical shift away from the founding principles of America and a cultural decline in morals, saying all his promises and efforts have gotten us nowhere.  They fail to understand that we would be here with or without Trump, one way or another.  This societal decay was always the trajectory so it was not about stopping with one fell swoop what we have been heading towards for over 50 years.  No, instead it was about rallying the millions of Americans with shared values to be silent no longer, to make their voices heard and stop ceding ground to the Left without putting up a fight.  Millions more Americans are awake to the forces that are acting to destroy this great nation than there were five years ago: that is 99 percent because of the presidency of Donald Trump and that is a fact.  Nearly no one five years ago was talking about how China was the main exterior threat to the US, it was always, to coin a phrase, RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA; now it is mainstream to talk about China in such a light.  Trump accomplished his goal: waking many people up to the reality of the American political elites, their donors, and the un-American big corporations.  Now, the next step is how to proceed from here.

That is where I come in.  It is why I have decided to start this website and the corresponding youtube channel.  I grew up loving this great nation and it saddens me to see it spiraling out of control at almost every level of government, in almost every way imaginable, in almost every aspect of society.  Although the situation indeed seems dire, and we are indeed on a precipice, I see hope in many places across the land.  I see a movement that is not simply brewing but has already been ongoing that is our chance, perhaps a final one, to change course from the destructive trajectory we are now on.  Fearing for the future of this country, I cannot simply be a part of this movement by just voting accordingly and supporting it in spirit alone, I have to make my voice heard and become an active player.  I will be using this brand to frequently write articles and make videos about a wide variety of topics but with a main focus on elections, because movements both are born and die by elections wins and losses.  If we want to take back this great country, winning elections with the right people that will do the job at all levels of government is the only way it will happen in correlation with an engaged base of voters.  I will be spotlighting key races and the best of candidates that need to be focused on and supported, respectively, so as to do my part to raise awareness among voters who will need to be proactive for this movement to have success.  IMMIGRATION RESTRICTIONISM, CULTURAL TRADITIONALISM and ECONOMIC POPULISM are the keys to both electoral success for this movement and a successful turnaround for the country.  These are the ideals that I will be defending/discussing and I will be promoting/supporting political candidates that share a similar political ideology.

The road ahead will be difficult and there will be many challenges.  Although things seem bleak now, the political establishment is still reeling from the cannon ball that broke its ranks in the form of President Trump, and the time to press our advantage is now, not count our losses.  We may have lost the battle in 2020 but the movement is still alive and well.  Winning victories daily, it is growing stronger, accomplishing goals, and gaining true allies.  Now is not the time to despair.  Trump single handedly decimated the Bush, Clinton and Cheney political dynasties and that will only be the beginning if we are smart and strategic about not only winning general elections with strong, patriotic candidates but also primarying Republican In Name Only (RINOs) politicians who hinder this movement.  They have the power but we have the energy and a purpose.  The time is now to take back America.  It is truly now or never.  We cannot let the great Americans who came before us, millions who sacrificed so much, have sacrificed in vain.  We must make their memory a rallying point to create a better America for us and our children.

Welcome to the team.  There is much work to be done.  AMERICA FIRST!

– ST