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Vicky Hartzler: The Culture Warrior for the Senate

By: MaryMillerStan

On March 8 of 2021, incumbent senator Roy Blunt of Missouri announced his retirement. Naturally, this was good riddance, for multiple reasons. He has been in DC since 1997 and, on policy, Blunt is basically a relic of the Bush-neoconservative era. He also is currently the third highest ranking Republican after Mitch McConnell and John Thune, indicating his establishmentarian ties. Blunt was also a massive underperformer. He won by less than three percent in 2016, while Trump won the state by over eighteen percent. Blunt is joining the likes of other retiring RINO senators not seeking re-election in 2022, a group that includes Rob Portman of Ohio, Richard Burr of North Carolina, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, and Richard Shelby of Alabama.

With the last senator mentioned, there was an obvious choice for successor: Mo Brooks. However, Missouri’s senate race is much more like Ohio’s senate race: it’s an absolute mess. I had called Ted Budd (now endorsed Trump) the dark horse ‘America First’ candidate of the North Carolina senate race, and I hope to make the case for Vicky Hartzler in the Missouri senate race. Before we talk about Mrs. Hartzler, let’s look into the other senate candidates first.

First, let’s get a more boring candidate out of the way. That candidate is the current attorney general in the state of Missouri, Eric Schmitt. Is he a bad candidate? Not really. The problem is that he strikes me as the Bernie Moreno or Mike Gibbons (two Republicans running for senate in Ohio) candidate of this senate race. This means that while he is a decent candidate, he is going to lose a lot of attention due to the far more interesting candidates in the race, of which there are quite a bunch.

Starting with the first and undoubtedly the one with the worst moral character, we all know who this is. It’s Eric Greitens, the former governor of Missouri, who was in trouble for sexual-related scandals and had to resign because of them. In other words, this guy is a known scumbag who could make a senate race unnecessarily close, nor is he someone many people would like to have as a senator. Do I think he would win? I do, but we need a movement conservative, and not some Roy Moore level candidates.

Now, let’s talk about arguably the most popular candidate online, Mark McCloskey. If you have seen the picture from last summer of the armed couple pointing guns at BLM rioters, that is this guy and his wife. Here is the main problem with Mark: he was a Democrat until that incident. Is it a good reason to change parties? Of course it is, and I think he would be a second amendment patriot. The big problem with McCloskey is to whether or not he has changed on some of the other liberal views that he held. We aren’t certain of that. We have a long list of questions that still need answering, so it is not worth the risk to send him to Washington.

That brings us to Billy Long, the current representative of Missouri’s seventh congressional district. Long isn’t bad on the issues. He is pro second amendment and pro life. However, I expect these things to be a given unless you are running for governor in a state like California, Maryland, Massachusetts, or Vermont. He also did sign onto the Texas vs Pennsylvania lawsuit which is good, but Hartzler did that too.  However, Billy Long’s score on Numbersusa is an 82% over a ten year career. I think he would be like a John Neely Kennedy. A question that arises with him though is that will he be able to serve more than one term? He will be 67 years old be the time the midterms roll around next year. Would he be bad? No, but we need someone who can deliver the punches.

Finally, the candidate that could be a major problem to the Hartzler campaign. That would be representative of Missouri’s 8th congressional district, Jason Smith. On immigration, Smith is better than Long, with 92% on Numbersusa. He is also solid on the fiscal issues. However, there is a red flag that can’t be ignored, that being he is a good friend of current South Dakota governor, Kristi Noem. Noem can’t even sign the most basic bills that protect biological women in their sports or oppose private employers forcing their employees to get vaccinated or be fired. He gives me the vibe of a RINO in the grass and this friendship does not help ease that suspicion.

Vicky Jo Hartzler of Missouri’s 4th congressional district is quite the opposite of Noem on many social issues. Before we get to the highlights, a few basic things that are worth noting. She has a 94% on Numberusa which is the highest score of any of the MO reps. She also did sign onto Texas vs Pennsylvania and objected to the 2020 presidential election results. But most importantly, Hartzler is a culture warrior that the senate needs. The democrats have no problem electing people who hate American values like Keith Ellison, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, and the black supremacist of Missouri’s first congressional district, Cori Bush. We need someone whose values punch Cori’s agenda so hard that teeth go flying. So why Hartzler? Vicky Hartzler is a major opponent to the Equality Act. It could be argued that isn’t enough as only three republicans voted for it. The thing is that there is a watered down version of the Equality Act called “The Fairness for All Act”. This bill is an example of what people mean by Republicans trying to be the diet Democrats. The bill is sponsored by infamous RINOs like Adam Kinzinger, Peter Meijer, and Nancy Mace. Hartzler wrote an op-ed rejecting the Equality Act, implying that she has no intent of being a “Diet Democrat”. Hartzler also opposes same sex marriage and civil unions. This is what she had to say about them:

Hartzler clearly understands our culture and what can of worms the left has opened. Now, we have issues like Drag Queen Story Time and the Cuties Movies. The big Hartzler accomplishment is the Transgender surgery ban from the military. In 2017, Hartzler put out an amendment to ban trans surgeries from the military. The bill ultimately failed due to the vote tally being 209-214. The Republicans may have had the majority but RINOs like Justin Amash, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, and Elise Stefanik voted it down. That didn’t stop Hartzler. In fact, she actually pushed for Trump to do the ban, and guess what? He listened and did it. The fact that Hartzler can claim accomplishments like this is something that is lacking from Billy Long or Jason Smith.

If we focus on electing senators solely on immigration, that means we are a single issue party. Should we elect immigration hawks into the senate? Absolutely, and we are doing that with Mo Brooks in Alabama.  However, we can’t be a single issue party or else we are like those “Legalize Marijuana” parties. The good thing is that the ‘America First’ movement understands that which is why the movement loves Josh Hawley. We don’t love Hawley for immigration, we love him for the other issues that he brings to the table, most notably, big tech. A great senate will need a team of tacklers. We can’t just throw every issue on one senator. Brooks clearly has the strengths of immigration and foreign policy while Hawley has the strength of taking on big tech. Let’s elect someone who will fight to the bitter end to protect our culture, and push back against the left’s moral decay that is destroying American society. Let’s elect Vicky Hartzler for the senate in Missouri.

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